CMI’s Annual Content Marketing Survey for 2016

In September this year, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) released its annual survey report on content marketing. The content of the report explored what qualifies content marketing as “effective”. The CMI defined effectiveness in this survey as “accomplishing your overall objective.”

Their latest research revealed: 55% of business-to-business (B2B) marketers said that it is unclear within their organization what an effective or successful content marketing program looks like.

CMI Releases its 2016 Content Marketing Survey | SEJ

It became also clear during the survey that majority of B2B marketers are in adolescent stage (29%), meaning “they have developed a business case, seeing early success and becoming more sophisticated with measurement and scaling”. About 24% are in their mature stage, that is, they are “finding success, yet challenged with integration across the organization”. Only 8% can provide “accurate measurement to the business, scaling across the organization”. Those are considered to be sophisticated in their approach to content marketing.

CMI Releases its 2016 Content Marketing Survey | SEJ

Interesting finding from the research is that the most effective B2B marketer is not the one with clear business goals. Effective B2B marketers are able to communicate clearly their goals, measure and scale their strategy.

For more on the survey report please click here.

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