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Tik Tok is the New Trend in Viral Marketing for D2C Businesses

Despite the multidimensional impact of the global pandemic, an estimated 20.000+direct-to-consumer brands are breathing new life into different enterprises.

Fashion stores, food brands, personal grooming products and the lucrative business of electronics have all profited from this ingenuity. 

Over the years, megabrands have discovered new means to publicize products to consumers at a relatively low cost. A multitude of direct-to-consumer brands have utilized one of the biggest social media platforms for advertising – Tik Tok. Its unprecedented viral marketing techniques have brought big success to a large number of campaigns.

How Tik Tok is revolutionizing D2C Marketing

In the words of globally recognized strategist, Michael Brenner, “There are three objectives for content marketing: reach, engagement and conversion”.

Tik Tok certainly ticks all three boxes. 

With billions of monthly video views and many Internet users admitting to spending an average of 14 hours scrolling through it, Tik Tok has become a force beyond social media platform norms. 

With a compelling collage of challenges accompanied with hashtags, video content is often shared and duplicated by millions of consumers, effectively driving user engagement. 

For example, Colgate’s #MakeMomSmile was a popular challenge that trended. Colgate created the hashtag #MakeMomSmile in celebration of Mother’s Day. This challenge urged Tik Tok users to make their mother’s smile, whether it be breakfast in bed or an unexpected surprise gift. This got more than 5,000 user-generated videos, earning more than a million views in the process.

Brands shining on Tik Tok

Small businesses now have the potential to gain quick traction on Tik Tok.

A major distinguishing quality of Tik Tok is the ability to generate brand awareness and engagement for startups.

The relatively small makeup brand, e.i.f cosmetics has certainly taken full advantage of the undeniable marketing prowess of this platform, earning $283million in revenue and generating over 3 million user videos and over 4.5 billion views courtesy of its #eyelipsface campaign in 2020.

A similar viral success was achieved by Erica Luo and Mark Fuqua’s Emme Essentials collection. Erica’s how-to instructional video that demonstrated how she makes and fills Asian flavored scented candles received over 221,000 views on the app. Another one of her popular videos that took a humorous look into the work ethics of small businesses earned the brand enough page visits to earn $11,000 dollars in one week.

While Emme Essentials is rapidly growing in this space, they’re certainly not alone.

Daily Harvest is a subscription-based D2C brand which boasts over 110,000 followers on the Tik Tok app alone. Subscribers are invited to record and share food videos under #DailyHarvest; to date, the company has lured A-list celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow & Serena Williams to name a few to participate in its campaigns. Involving such influencers has helped D2C companies reach broader audiences.

The Key to effective Tik Tok Marketing

It is indeed Interesting to see how a once niche sector is now a market that has grown to epic proportions.

Taking advantage of the current Tik Tok trend is definitely a formidable strategy to grow your D2C business. Continuously growing enterprises like Colgate, Emme Essential and Daily Harvest are worthy case studies that prove the effectiveness of short entertaining campaigns.

To attain large viewership and ensure virality, it is an essential practice for Brands to constantly create fun and enjoyable content that sparks user engagement. Creating Challenges will certainly point regular app users to your product. By all indications, the fruitful partnership between Tik Tok and D2C brands is here to stay for a very long time.


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