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Binary Means is a Digital Agency, with a strong desire to help small businesses maximize the benefits of The Internet to develop, nurture and grow a sustainable brand. We absolutely love what we do and always go the extra mile to put a smile on your face. We are patient, dedicated and very reliable, working with our clients like we are part of their team. We have worked with clients from South Africa, Ghana, USA, the UK, Australia and Germany, so location is never a limitation. Let's start a long lasting relationship today!

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We are experts in the following main areas:

Web Services
Web design and development, mobile app, e-commerce management, Amazon/Shopify, cloud storage and webmaster services.
Corporate brand identity and creative design that communicates professionalism and excellence.
Digital Marketing
Knowledge-driven digital marketing; SEO, Google/Amazon PPC, Copywriting, Social Media and Email.

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Amazon Transparency: Curbing the Product Counterfeit Menace and Affirming Genuineness

Product counterfeiting is becoming a headache for Amazon. In recent times, many third-party sellers have been using Amazon’s reach to sell counterfeit and pirated items.  Well-known brands including the likes of Birkenstock and Mercedes Benz have complained and called out Amazon to bring this issue under control. According to CNBC, “Amazon for the first time […]

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Sponsored Product Ads Strategy for Amazon Prime Day 2019 (VIDEO)

Prime Day is a major shopping event that’s highly anticipated each year, and last year’s Prime Day was the biggest shopping event ever for Amazon at that time. Given last year’s success, this year’s Prime Day is expected to be even better. Shoppers are waiting in high anticipation for some of the best deals. Prime […]

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Sponsored Brands new-to-brand Metrics

Identifying a customer who has purchased a product from your business is a key metric in improving sales. Many Amazon sellers over the years have been faced with the challenge of knowing how many new customers they are attracting within a particular period. Sponsored Brands new-to-brand metrics provides a solution to this long-standing headache. What […]

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