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Black Friday Marketing Strategies for eCommerce Business Owners

Black Friday usually comes off the day after Thanksgiving Day, which signals the beginning of the Christmas shopping season. Physical and eCommerce stores offer amazing discounts on products within limited times and in limited supply. 

Black Friday 2019 is scheduled for 29th November.

This purchase season largely benefits retailers, consumers, and customers. E-commerce managers ought to plan for it.

Here are a few tips or strategies that will put you at a competitive advantage when the day finally shows face.

Up your marketing creative game

Online sales are growing at an astonishing rate. More people are spending lots of time online and getting comfortable with online purchases. You need to take advantage of this and target where the traffic is. 

If you sell an item or offer a service that dominates consumers’ appeal, it’s time to get creative with your message and sales promotion. Bring your message to them. Consumers are already salivating for juicy offers and in a buying mood. Creative messages can only get their attention that will enable them to stop at your shop or click on that purchase button.

Shout out on social media

Almost everyone is on social media. Take your marketing to these platforms. Tap into trends by creating your own hashtags or trendy hashtags on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Twitter pages. Create skits or videos announcing your special juicy promotions to reward your loyal subscribers and prospective customers.

Sell Bundled Products with Discount

You might want to combine products at a discounted price in order to get customers buying more than one item or product. For example, you can offer free delivery on more than 5 items purchased, free wrapping or gift vouchers for spending between a certain amount. 

This strategy will set you apart from other retailers who sell the same item as you and tend to charge for every little add-on. Don’t forget that customers are also eager and in the mood to make these kinds of combo purchases. Therefore, it does work very well on big sales days like Black Friday.

Offer after-sales support

Assure your customers that you are not only in to cash in from them in the flash season but with them always, even when you stop your discount offers during the holiday or discount seasons. Give them extended guarantees or assure them that there are returns on products and services. This is something many businesses or e-stores won’t bother doing and will set you apart.

Redesign or update your website and/or eCommerce store landing page

It’s the flash sale season and your store shouldn’t remain the same throughout the year. Redesign your website, banner, catalogs and tags with the “season colors” (black, red and white) and season tips. Make your banner timers display when the actual sale begins so customers can plan properly, load their credit cards ahead of time to start shopping online.

Announce Sales via Promotional emails:

This is an everyday tip but in times like this, it will help in building anticipation days or weeks before your Black Friday sales. Take advantage of it and design enticing messages that won’t get trashed!


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