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Your Business Website Needs Customer Service Personnel On Standby

Can you imagine entering a shop, a bank or an office and there is no one there to attend to you? How will you feel? What will be your first impression of the business? And will you ever shop there if it happens a couple of times? I can only imagine what the reaction will be.

Unfortunately, so many business websites have absolutely nobody on attendance to welcome visitors and make them feel valued.

We spend all our time driving traffic to the website (blogging, social media, email newsletter, search optimization etc), but when visitors arrive on the site there is no one to make sure that the potential customer is taken care of. We fail to understand that our website is a storefront or front office to our business and as a result must provide the same courtesy to visitors as they would in a brick and motor scenario.

Having thought and researched about this, I realized there would be real benefits to customers and my business if I implemented an online marketing strategy to include a realtime chat service – there will be someone available immediately to answer their questions about products and services, make a sale, address customers concerns, provide support and receive immediate feedback.

That led me to research online chat tools that can be integrated into my business website within the shortest possible time. I came across many – LivePerson, comm100, BoldChat, Kayako Fusion, LiveHelpNow, WebsiteLive, Velaro, Olark.

I selected Olark because I saw it in action first and liked it immediately. Now I can keep track of visitors in realtime. You cannot believe how many visitors come to your site every month unattended to. Take action now and engage them today!

As you spend time blogging, tweeting and facebooking make sure to be there when visitors land on your pages and never forget to say “hello, you’re welcome!” when they arrive.

Suraj is Business Development Manager at He holds MBA from Regent Business School and has extensive knowledge in education and communications.

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