The HILIM eCommerce Advertising Project (Case Study)

When HILIM, a family owned #manufacturing company based in Europe, contacted us in late December 2020, they had an urgent need to grow their online #sales channel as quickly as possible.

With dwindled sales and limited opportunities offline, HILIM had only one option to regain lost sales and keep the business sustainable; #eCommerce!

Company Profile:

Name : HILIM (codename)

Region : Europe

Size : Small to Medium

Problem : Hampered offline sales (#Covid Impact)

Categories : Cleaning and Petroleum Product Manufacturing

Services Required:

Pricing Analysis and Competition (Strategic) – ONGOING

Advertising (Strategic) – ONGOING

Product Management (Operational) – ONGOING

Software Setup and Data Streamlining (Operational) – ONCE OFF

30 Day Results within 90 Days of Work Done:

Orders : 5,529 (94.20% up from previous 30 Day period)

Units : 5,780 (91.20% up from previous 30 Day period)

Sales Revenue : 82,507 GBP (62% up from previous 30 Day period)

Target: 100,000 GBP monthly sales revenue, consistently for the next 12 months.