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Selling on Etsy: How Pattern Helps To Increase Your Business Exposure

Being able to reach a large audience on e-commerce platforms has never been easier with Etsy. Etsy has introduced a smart solution to help ecommerce entrepreneurs increase product visibility and sales. This simple solution by Etsy is called “Pattern”.

What is Pattern?

Pattern is a powerful tool designed to help ecommerce businesses create highly engaging websites. Having a website gives your business a double page advantage of reaching more customers when you sell your products on ecommerce platforms like Etsy. This is because while some buyers would interact with your brand directly on your Etsy shop, your Pattern designed website can go a long way in helping you to attract customers outside your Etsy shop.

Pattern does not in any way alter your Etsy shop. It rather strengthens and promotes your brand via creating an additional channel that would aid in increasing the number of customers that would interact with your business. If you choose to create a website, Etsy will import most of the contents and inventories from your Etsy shop automatically. You can flexibly customise the imported contents and inventories on your Pattern site to suit how you would like it to look. Should you make any alterations on your Pattern, those changes will not affect your Etsy shop in any way.


Testing of pattern features and design of a customised Pattern website is absolutely free. However, when you publish your newly created website, you will be given the grace to enjoy a free – 30 days trial. This will be followed by a monthly subscription fee of USD 15.00. Where applicable, tax charges will be included. If you are using a different currency for payment on Etsy, the USD equivalent will be applied and you will notice this in your payment account. You can decide to cancel your Pattern subscription at any time.


Worried about a domain name for your website? This is not an issue when you create your Pattern website. The reason is because Etsy understands that domain name registration can go a long way in making your brand stand-out. As such, registering a domain name for your pattern site has been made incredibly simple. Three options are available to choose from. 

1. You can either register a new domain from your Pattern dashboard directly,  

2. You can point to an existing domain you have registered for your business to your website.

3. If you do not want to register a domain at all, Etsy has a default domain that is automatically assigned to your website which you can conveniently use.

Additional Features

When you create your pattern website, Etsy will automatically import most of the contents and inventories in your Etsy shop to your website. You can easily customise all imported inventories and contents as you would want them to appear on your website.

The customization and feature options available on Pattern include:

Customized content: Edit your Home or About page using the Website Editor on the Pattern Dashboard. You can add optional Contact, Gallery, and Events pages and select fonts and colors that reflect your brand.

Custom inventory for your site: Here you can use the Listings section of your Shop Manager to choose which listings you want to display on your website. You also have the option to create Pattern-only listings. All the selected listings will be imported automatically to your website.

Marketing resources: This will help you to set announcements, create a custom email address, and manage integrations with MailChimp, Google AdWords, Facebook, and Pinterest. 

Blog functionality: This feature will help you to keep your customers informed on the latest updates in your shop by drafting blog posts for your website. 

Tools for domain management: This feature enables you to register a new domain, set records for existing domains, or point your domain to a different site.

Etsy buyer reviews: All reviews made by customers on purchases will show on your Pattern site.

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