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Baidu Search Reports $2.2 Billion In 3Q Revenue

According to reports, Baidu search engine recorded 2.2 billion dollars in 3rd quarter revenue, representing a 52 percent year on year.

Baidu chairman and CEO Robin Li added that it’s mobile traffic has outgrown desktop traffic. This new development had significant impact on revenue this quarter. For instance, revenue from mobile traffic alone represented 36 percent of the overall revenue.

“In the third quarter, our investments in mobile continued to pay off as mobile proved once again to be a strong driver of topline growth,” said Baidu CFO Jennifer Li.

CEO Robin Li is excited about the prospects of mobile search in making Baidu a leader in the market. With its extensive sales force, Li believes it puts them at the forefront of taking full advantage of the opportunities currently available in the market.

Baidu now has 516,000 internet marketing customers. In terms of revenue,  the Chinese search giant made 2.188 billion dollars in the 3rd quarter, an improvement on 2013 within the same period.

With the year coming to an end soon, the company is projecting revenue between 2.25 to 2.3 billion dollars, a 45 percent increase on previous year.

Baidu 3Q 2014 earnings report


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