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Your Business Is Your Website

When prospects ask “What’s your address?” does your instinctive response end with a zip code or .com? If you answered “zip code,” you’re not alone … but you’ll want to make the transition to the .com mindset soon.

This mindset shift actually works in your favor – your agency could have its headquarters in the heart of Times Square, and yet more prospects would visit you online every day. It’s your virtual address that counts, and that’s where your efforts to market your agency must begin – with your website.

So, how do you create a website that’s primed for inbound marketing?

You have to begin by spending some time defining, refining, and differentiating your brand so you can translate those critical yet intangible attributes into your new website.

Paul Roetzer, CEO of PR 20/20, a Cleveland-based marketing agency, and author of The Marketing Agency Blueprint suggests you address these areas before embarking on a website redesign. This is a critical process to go through to create a website that attracts and retains the right kinds of prospective clients:

  • Define your agency in 160 characters or less, and leave the marketing jargon behind;
  • Identify your agency’s three greatest strengths and three greatest weaknesses;
  • Determine where your best opportunities are going forward;
  • List the keywords that prospects are most likely going to use when searching for the types of services your agency provides;
  • Define your buyer personas;
  • Identify what makes your agency different and better than your competition;
  • Describe how you will portray those differences in words, images, and actions.
  • List the assets – personnel, experience, tools – that you bring to the table for your clients;
  • Describe your innovation plan: how you will solve old problems using new ways?
  • List the problems you solve for your clients;
  • Identify why new clients sign on with you, and why existing clients renew their contracts


Suraj is Business Development Manager at He holds MBA from Regent Business School and has extensive knowledge in education and communications.

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