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SEO Management

Binary Means offers professional and future-proof Search Engine Optimization packages to businesses of all sizes. SEO generates most of the sales leads from online marketing. According to Marketing Charts, the figure is around 59 per cent of all B2B leads and 49 per cent of all B2C leads.

Based on this knowledge, we always recommend SEO as the first choice among other forms of online marketing to our clients.

All SEO packages have the following common elements:

  • Thorough website audit and analysis to gain insight into some of the technical issues;
  • On-Page Optimization (OPO) of the website pages including meta title, meta descriptions, header tags, keywords, and image alt tags;
  • Competitor ranking and analysis;
  • Research main keywords and phrases of your website;
  • Dig deeper for under performing keywords to find opportunities;
  • Social media connection buttons on pages to social media profiles;
  • Google XML sitemap generation;
  • HTML sitemap generation;
  • Submission to Google Analytics;
  • Submission to Google Maps/Places;
  • Submission to Google Webmaster Tools;
  • Submission to Bing Webmaster Tools;
  • Establish your overall internet marketing grade.

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