Amazon Offers Free Replacements To Customers At No Cost To FBA Sellers

Getting a replacement for an FBA item just got easier for customers. As of September 5, 2018, a customer returning your item can ask to have a replacement sent to them free of charge—and there will be no cost to you.

For you, this means less time focusing on payments and refunds because the sale of the original item is unaffected. For customers, this means more convenient FBA returns, consistent with Amazon returns as a whole.

This change is automatic. No action is required on your part.

How it works:

  • To get a replacement item, a customer starts a return through the Online Returns Center or Customer Service.
  • If a customer requests a replacement, Amazon ships one from your inventory and asks the customer to send the original item to one of our returns centers. If they don’t send it back, or if the original item is returned damaged, Amazon will reimburse you according to the FBA customer returns policy.

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